The Yellow Animal / Novos Projetos

The Yellow Animal

Direction by Felipe Bragança

Screenplay by Felipe Bragança and João Nicolau (based on original stories by Felipe Bragança)

Synopsis: Fernando is a broken Brazilian guy and with a curse on his back. What does he have left? To go in search of treasures…

Director’s Note: A film about freedom and uthopy focused in the life of the young artists of Rio de Janeiro streets nowadays. A seductive story about the mix of cultures form Brazil, Portugal and Africa today, with sense of humor, poetry and the rhythm of a good “adventure romance” from the 19st century.

Production: Duas Mariola

Coproduction: O Som e a Fúria (Portugal) and Arissas Multimídia

Associate Producer: Helvécio Marins Jr. 

Status: in pre-production