A Missed Future / Curtas-Metragens

A Missed Future

A conspiracy movie.

Directed by: Daniel Caetano

Screenplay: Daniel Caetano

Cast: Carol PUCU (Lúcia Cabral), Otoniel SERRA (JK), Augusto MADEIRA (Bosco), Gregório DUVIVIER (Delon)

Synopsis: In 1989, a French police inspector and a Brazilian diplomat investigate what caused the death of a young Brazilian female reporter. Listening to some sound tapes recorded by her, they discover that a Brazilian former president has faked his own death to escape of the military dictatorship, installed with the coup-d’etat of 1964. In these tapes, they can listen also the last interview made by the Brazilian journalist with the hidden president, talking about the country that rised from the dictatorship’s fall.

Produced by: Duas Mariola Filmes

English subtitled version: https://vimeo.com/77884222