Eye of the Storm / Longas-Metragens

Eye of the Storm

Director: Eduardo Valente

Screenplay: Eduardo Valente and Felipe Bragança, based on characters created and developed by Felipe Bragança, Gustavo Bragança and Marco Dutra.

Cast: Dedina Bernardelli, Márcio Vito, Sil Raphael, Nivea Magno, Luciana Bezerra, Licuro Espinola, Letícia Tavares, João Pedro Celli

Synopsis: A police officer must make a difficult decision while seeing himself in a situation involving a robber and a hostage. His actions will profoundly affect the lives of three families involved in the event – including his own. Past, present and future become one story of life in Rio de Janeiro nowadays.

Produced by: Videofilmes

Associate Producer: Duas Mariola Filmes

Film Festivals:

Cannes 2009 (HORS CONCOURS)