Sultry / Novos Projetos


Direction by Marina Meliande​

Produced by Leonardo Mecchi

Cast: Marina Provenzzano, Pedro Gracindo, Analu Prestes, Igor Angelkorte

Synopsis: Rio de Janeiro, 2016. The hottest summer in history. The city is preparing for the Olympic Games. Ana, a 32-year-old public defender, receives the news that the building where she lives is to become a luxury hotel and she must find somewhere else to live. Meanwhile, she’s been noticing purple fungus-like spots on her body. Strange things begin to happen in the city as well as in Ana’s body. The temperature rises, creating a humid and suffocating atmosphere. The sultriness accumulates before giving way to heavy rain.

Production: Duas Mariola

Coproduction: Enquadramento Produções

Status: in post-production