Macunaima / Novos Projetos


Directed by Felipe Bragança and Zahy Guajajara.

Screenplay by Felipe Bragança and Zahy Guajajara. In collaboration with Denilson Baniwa.

Produced by Marina Meliande.

Coproduction with Promenades (France)

Development Coproduction: Globo Filmes

Synopsis: 2021: An indigenous boy is born with special capacities and a very peculiar behavior in an isolated village in the heart of the Amazon forest. His name is Macunaíma and his people believe he is the reincarnation of the demigod known as the son of the night. Based in the modernist classic novel by Mario de Andrade and indigenous legends.


Project Status: In development.


Picture Credit: “Arqueiro Digital” – Work from Denilson Baniwa