Green Hell / Novos Projetos

Green Hell

Directing and Writing: Laura Astorga

Synopsis: Costa Rica, 1994. Three environmentalists are found dead as a result of a apparently accidental wildfire. Elena, a journalist in charge of the case, begins a seemingly pointless investigation, which becomes dangerous, due to another environmentalist’s death, under similar circumstances. Fernando, a Conservative Party’s congressman and one of the victims’ father, must face a delicate dilemma: to relinquish both his political career and the elite to which he belongs in order to unveil his daughter’s death; or else, silently obey as he has always done. It’s impossible to measure how far the disclosures of the investigation will take them, to fight for what the locals and foreigners have named “the heaven on earth”.

Coproducers: Duas Mariola Filmes, HOL Y Asociados S.A. (Costa Rica), Promenades Films (França) and César Garrido (Panamá).

Developed with the Support of the IBERMEDIA Program.

Status: In Development.