Song to the Siren / Novos Projetos

Song to the Siren

Director: Indira Dominici

Screenplay: Indira Dominici e Lena Maciel

Production: Marina Meliande

Synopsis: Iara lives in São Paulo and struggles to find her place in her family and in society, while keeping a secret: she is a mermaid, descending from a long disappeared clan of the mediterranean. A fantastic sea tale about female empowerment.

About the director: Indira Dominici is a filmmaker and visual artist with degrees in film studies from the University of Brasilia and Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro, passing by the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. Working between Brasília, São Paulo, Paris and New York, Indira works with scriptwriting, photography, video art, film and performance and had developed and particular style of painting on film.
“Song to the Siren” is Indira’s first feature film project. It delves into themes of great importance to the artist such as the emergence of new forms of feminism and the notion of exile in today’s world.

The film won the Brazil-Italy Co-production Grant.

Status: In development