Conceição / Longa-Metragens


Fiction, 35mm, 78min, color & bp, Brazil

 Conceição, or the only good author is a dead author is the story of a combat. A group of young people is in a bar to drink, and they are trying to choose a story for the movie they are decided to make.
The movie shows the highlights of this conversation,and some of the stories of their characters: the Fugitive, our guide through the picture; two  cheap bandits; a couple discussing in a small car; a poor kid; a streetsailor; a foreigner accidented and the nurse that mutilates him after the act of love; and the fantastic life of an old beggar woman through the eyes of the daughter of a teacher.
Alternating with all, there is also the testification of anonymous people who tells us theirs ideas for the movies they dram to do. That is the moment when “Conceição”  listen the other one, to documentate the opinion of the people in streets. It presents  interviews with an old photographer, the owner of a barbershop, an actress, a tatoodesigner, an old lady and a musical group.
Then the characters arrive in the bar, until the moment when the last battle happens.


Produced by: Pecego Productions/Duas Mariola and Inventarte/Carcará
Co-Production: Universidade Federal Fluminense, CTAv-MinC
Director: Andre Sampaio, Cynthia Sims, Daniel Caetano, Guilherme Sarmiento, Samantha Ribeiro
Screenplay: Daniel Caetano and Guilherme Sarmiento
Executive Producers: Daniel Caetano
Cinematography: Marcio Menezes
Art Director: Marcelle Morgan
Editing: Andre Sampaio
Music: Jards Macalé, Gabriel Improta, Cadu Pereira, Leandra Lambert / Voz del Fuego
Sound: Peter Moreira
Costume Design: Carol  Medeiros and Patricia Barbara
Makeup: Mariana Aguiar
Cast: Augusto Madeira, Jards Macalé, Djin Sganzerla, Rose Abdallah, Joana Medeiros, Vera Barreto Leite, Thelmo Fernandes, Rodrigo Penna, Fernando Antunes Donan, Patricia Barbara, João Luiz Vieira
Distribution: Riofilme

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