Babado / Novos Projetos


Directed by: Camila Freitas and João Vieira Torres.

Synopsis: BABADO is built around a network of young gay and transgender people, living in a small town on the Brazilian side of the Triple Border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia, in the heart of the Amazon forest, a highly militarized and conservative area . For our characters living in this hostile environment, the only way to survive is through the creation of a new community, a family that includes the living but also the dead.  In rituals of the afro-brazilian religion called Umbanda, they get into trans and they incorporate in their bodies, the spirits, the entities that lived and died marginal lives as like our characters live today. Those spirits are called “People of the Streets”: they guide them, advise them, and protect them when no other protection exists. In this film see and feel how spirits come back for political reasons and how the can be our allies.

Coproduced by: Duas Mariola Filmes and Primeira Idade (Portugal).

Developed with the support of: Institut Français, Biennale College Cinema and Projeto Paradiso.

Status: In development.