Aurora / Novos Projetos


Directed by: João Vieira Torres

Screenplay: João Vieira Torres and Marcelo Caetano

Synopsis: Everything started with a dream in which I was telling my mother that I was going to search for the children brought to life by my paternal grandmother. She was a midwife and faith healer for more than forty years in the remote and arid Sertão Bahia in the northeast of Brazil. Her name was Aurora. I did not get to know her. Through the encounters with those who were touched by her hands, her “children of labor”, the film follows the ghostly presence of Aurora still alive and in becoming in their memories and landscapes. During this initiatory journey through this desert region where agribusiness and fundamentalist evangelism have gained much ground, I will also encounter the women of my family who will evoke the stories of five other women, ancestors or descendants of Aurora, five ghosts of a family history made of migrations, colonialism, violence, complex racial and gender relations.

Coproduced by: Duas Mariola Filmes, Primeira Idade (Portugal) e Spectre Production (France).

Developed with the Support of: Doc Station 2019 (Berlinale)

Status: In Development.