The Death of J.P. Cuenca / Longas-Metragens

The Death of J.P. Cuenca

Directed by J.P. Cuenca

Final script by J.P. Cuenca

Produced by Marina Meliande

Cast: Ana Flavia Cavalcanti, João Paulo Cuenca, Leonilce Torato, Geraldo Margela, Fabio Roque, Paulo Roberto Pires, Ivo Raposo, Lincoln Cortez da Silva, Marilza Solange de Carvalho, Renisson Raimundo Santos, Willian Alves, Rodrigo Duque Estrada

Synopsis: In 2008 a corpse was identified by the police with the birth certificate of the writer João Paulo Cuenca in a invaded building in Lapa, downtown Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by this fact, “The Death of J.P. Cuenca” investigates the identity-theft case in a phantasmagoric city undergoing a lot of changes. If in fiction and crime news pages it is a cliché for living people to steal the identity of dead ones to start a new life, what we have here is the opposite case: someone who steals the identity of a living person to die in his place.

Production: Duas Mariola Filmes

Developed with the support of BIENNALE COLLEGE OF THE VENICE FESTIVAL (international workshop for project development).

Film Festivals
CPH:DOX 2015 | Rio de Janeiro Intl Film Festival 2015 | São Paulo Intl Film Festival 2015 | BAFICI – Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film 2015