The Escape of the Monkey Woman / Longa-Metragens

The Escape of the Monkey Woman

(The Escape, The Rage, The Dance, The Ass, The Calm, The Life of the Monkey Woman)

Fiction, video, 82min, color, Brazil, 2009



Two girls star in this musical drama amazing road! A van, a beach, a reed, very homesick, girls in flower perched at gas stations … and a little music.

The result of a research on the daily lives of young people from the suburbs of large cities, the film sets out to study the time, the habits and the images emerging from contemporary experience seen through the eyes of the body and the lower middle class and seeks to build a compliment cinema, fable and resistance of bodies in front of the uncertainties of a transitional space-time, hybrid – where plastic and wood, the show mambembe and the universe of video games, old and new intertwine. A mixture of a realist cinema observation of everyday life with a narrative of juvenile adventures and the universe of music.


Produced by: Duas Mariola Filmes, Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande
Associate Producers: Arissas Multimedia & Clara Meliande
Direction: Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande
Assistant Director: Carolina Durão
Screenplay: Felipe Bragança
Executive Producer: Felipe Bragança
Assistant Producer: Marina Pompey
Production Completion: Lara Frigotto
Cinematography: Andrea Capella
Gaffer: Alberto Moura Jr.
Art Direction and Costume Design: Sergio Gustavo Bragança and Mayra
Art Assistant: Marianna Jannuzzi
Graphite Kombi: Chico 21
Editing: Marina Meliande
Sound Mixer and Sound Designer: Marina Meliande
Additional Sound: Felippe Mussel
Voiceover: Gabriel Versiani
Recording Voiceover: Lucas Ramos
Assistant Sound Editing: Felippe Mussel and Enrique Ramirez
Mix: Aurelien Grocq and Quentin Heems
Credits: Gustavo Bragança
Color Correction: Gerson Silva
Music Originals: letters Felipe Bragança; Music of Flora Dias, Morena Cattoni and Alberto Moura Jr;
Theme: Ricardo Rito
Cast: Morena Cattoni, Flora Dias, Alberto Moura Jr and Pedro Freire
Sponsors: Virginia Flores, Mother Group / Cine Lapa, Midsummer Madness, Feira de Sao Cristovao, Calibre Movies

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