His Name (The Clown) / Outros Formatos

His Name (The Clown)

Fiction, 35mm, 15min, color, Brazil, 2004


“They met in the summer rain. A carnival and silent film. “

The name of Him (the Clovis) is a surface film – based on news reports and daily life of large Brazilian cities, but no direct link with any real event.
Violence, joy and silence are worked in the film in order to build a space where characters are so real and intangible – a narrative of small sequences marked in a whirlwind of events that are a mixture of fragments and gaps sew:

He is a quiet man and divides his time between his work in the violent center of Rio de Janeiro and its fourth in pension Catumbi. She is the girl who appears in your life, on a rainy afternoon – and then things start to go very quickly.
A film carnival and silence, love and anger – apathy and desire.
A chronicle of the conflicts and celebrations of a city sewn between hills, forests and cement. A tribute to Rio, maybe?

Silent film sound.

Displayed in International Competition
OBERHAUSEN 51th International Film Festival

“Between 30 great moments in cinema in 2004: eligibilities 1.37, the color and characters of The Name of Him (The Clovis), short-Rio hypnotic Tsai Ming-Lianamente decupado Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande.” Kleber Mendonça in www. cinemascópio.com.br

Produced by: DM Movies
Direction: Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande
Screenplay: Felipe Bragança
Cinematography: Andrea Capella
Art Director: Gustavo Bragança
Costumes: Gabriela Campos
Sound: Ives Rosenfeld
Editing: Marina Meliande
Sound Design: Marina and Fernando Renna Meliande
Cast: Sandro Ribeiro, Camila Monteiro, Robert Pacheco, Selma Freitas, Felipe Moura, Luis Enrique Rodriguez.
Executive Producer: Felipe Bragança
Production Director: Andressa and Mario Camargo Azen
Still: Peter Farenstein
Assistant Director: Carolina Durão
Assistant Camera: Mika Noble, Paul Camacho, Vladmir Mancaro, Daniel Neves
Wizards of Art: Clara Belato, Maria Rita Oliveira, Daniel Paiva
Production Assistant: Gianna Larocca
Electric: André Garret
Mix: Armandinho

Best Film School at the 23rd International Film Festival of Uruguay 2005;
Best Screenplay Festival Int Short Film BH 2005;
Featured on Artistic Contribution at the Competitive Festival of Short No 100 Brazilian Cinema University; Award ABD & C RJ-2005; Cachaça Cinema Club Award;
Shown in Competition of the 51nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Oberhausen, 2005
Distributed by Petrobras Short Program at 6-2005

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