“Sultry” wins award in Holland Film Meeting

dezembro 12, 2016

The feature film “Sultry” directed by Marina Meliande with the production of Duas Mariola and Enquadramento Produções won the Work in Progress award at BoostNL from the Holland Film Meeting forum.

The Holland Film Meeting is a co-production forum that takes place during the Nederland’s Film Festival and offers a series of business-oriented events attended by professionals from the international market. Since 1988, the Holland Film Meeting is one of the most important events for the financing of independent world cinema.

Leonardo Mecchi, producer of “Sultry” acknowledged that “Boost NL was a major push for the current stage of the project, and the award is a recognition of our work and that we are on the right track.” Director Marina Meliande also said that “the award is the confirmation of the quality of the project, which is in the middle of the editing process and during the forum we had good feedbacks during the meetings that we will take to the next version of the cut and I’m sure We’ll have a much better movie at the end of that process.”

News link: https://iffr.com/en/professionals/blog/two-thumbs-up-for-first-boostnl

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